Minimum Wage Rises on January 1st

Low-wage workers in the City of San Mateo, and in other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area, see a big boost in their pay checks beginning on January 1, 2017, when the city’s minimum wage hits $12 an hour. The state minimum wage also goes up, but only to $10.50 an hour.

Raise the Wage – San Mateo, the labor-community coalition that led the successful campaign for the wage hike, is working with advocates from around the San Francisco Bay Area to fight “wage theft” that robs workers of the pay they have earned.

Workers can also contact the Raise the Wage Coalition directly for free and confidential information by texting “wages” to 1.650.235.4969.

Wage theft occurs when employers underpay their workers, deny them legally required breaks, fail to pay overtime, force employees to work “off the clock,” misclassify employees as independent contractors, fail to make required tax and insurance contributions, among other illegal practices. Wage theft is most common in labor intensive industries that pay by the hour—the restaurant industry, construction, and janitorial services.

The City of San Mateo has posted information about the new minimum wage ordinance on its website. The city is distributing a Frequently Asked Questions flyer (FAQs  | FAQs en Español) that summarizes the new regulation, and an Informational Flyer y en español.