San Mateo City Council to Raise Minimum Wage to $15

Will White for United Way of the Bay Area testifies in favor of a $15 minimum wage.

Will White of the United Way of the Bay Area said experience from other Bay Area cities demonstrates that raising the minimum wage helps alleviate childhood poverty.

The San Mateo City Council directed staff to draft a minimum wage ordinance, following a discussion of the issue at their November 16th meeting. The council supported key elements the Raise the Wage Coalition proposed:

  • Minimum wage of $15 an hour, with annual increases based on the cost of living,
  • Paid sick leave, and
  • Strong enforcement language to ensure compliance.

With the concurrence of the other council members, Mayor Maureen Freschet directed the city manager to institute a city minimum wage of $15 as soon as possible in order to demonstrate that San Mateo would lead by example.

Over 40 supporters of a hike in the minimum wage attended the meeting, sixteen of whom

Giselle Alvarez from the St. Matthews Organizing Committee told city council that high rents and low wages were forcing residents to leave the city.

Giselle Alvarez from the St. Matthews Organizing Committee said high rents and low wages were forcing residents to leave the city.

offered public testimony in favor of a city ordinance. Several members of the San Francisco Organizing Project-Peninsula Interfaith Action (SFOP-PIA) linked the fight for tenant protections to the effort to raise the wage, noting that city residents were being forced from their homes by high rents and low wages.

The story was also picked up by KQED Radio, Palo Alto Daily Post, the Daily Journal, and the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

The Daily Journal wrote, “City moves toward $15 minimum wage hike,” while the Business Journal headline read, “$15 minimum wage likely coming to San Mateo.”
The Raise the Wage Coalition submitted written comments on the proposed ordinance, research documenting the positive economic and health impacts of a boost in the minimum wage, and a model Minimum Wage Ordinance for the council’s consideration. This material can be found at San Mateo City Council Holds Study Session on Minimum Wage.
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