TIP Sheet: Trade Show Installers Needed

sign-display-logoSign and Display Local 510 may need extra workers for trade show work in San Francisco,  San Jose, Santa Clara, and other locations in the Bay Area. Possible work days are:

  • September 22-23,
  • September 26-30,
  • October 8, and
  • October 10.

Job Description

Installers set up and remove of exhibits, displays, signage, carpets, furniture, pipe and drape for conventions, trade shows, and special events. The Display Installer job requires physically active work in a construction environment.  Extra work is temporary and occasional.


Hourly wage rates for extras are: straight time: $21.86, time and one half: $32.79, double time:
$43.72, less $1.00 per hour administrative check-off. Each employer pays weekly regardless of hours worked. You will not be paid at layoff. Your paycheck will be mailed to you after the end of the weekly pay period.

Checking for Work

To check for work, call the message line at 415.468.7289. The more often you check it, the better your chances of getting work. The message is usually updated around 4 p.m. when there is work. Emergency dispatches occur most often between 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning, but could happen at any time.

You can also check for updates on the Local 510 website. The web page includes a long-term calendar that provides a picture of possible upcoming work.

For more information, please see the Sign-and-Display flyer.

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